Friday, June 18, 2010

Why Twitter is SO EFFING RAD!!!

I. Love. Twitter.

It kicks the ass off facebook, and honestly if my only connection to the REAL world wasn't facebook (oh god that sounds terrible), I'd drop it completely and do Twitter only.


It's not even so much that I have friends on it, cuz I have relatively few IRL friends in comparison to the book of faces.

It's the celebrities. And the geeks. No, the geeky celebrities.

Yes, this is going to be a Wheaton-adjacent post.

Let me explain WHY Twitter is so amazing and intriguing to me.

w00tstock, the nerdiest of fests, is completely linked to Twitter. They decided, through twitter, to do a w00tstock in San Diego, and right now, as I type this *backs away and checks twitter really quick before resuming* they're announcing some of the guests that have been confirmed to be there.

Here's how it all went down.

Paul, of @paulandstorm (a geeky music duo), got onto Twitter today, just a few hours ago, with the following:

Paul and Storm paulandstorm [P] Hey, @wilw; do you think the kids might like to know some of our confirmed guests for #w00tstock SD?

Obviously, I had to speak up.

Megan Phillips melimsah @paulandstorm AUGH TELL US TELL US TELL US PLEEEEEASE TELL US PAUL OF PAULANDSTORM!!!!! #w00tstock

only minutes later, Paul tweets:

Paul and Storm paulandstorm [P] I'm not supposed to say who's coming to #w00tstock San Diego until @wilw says I'm allowed to.
And not long after that, Wil pulled out his twitter client....

Wil Wheaton wilw @paulandstorm As a matter of fact, I think they would. Let's make them wait an hour while we twirl our moustaches, though. *twirl*

Paul and Storm paulandstorm @wilw [P] You twirl your moustache; I shall wring my hands while grinning.

....ugh....huh... WHAT?!
No fricken way... they wouldn't...
But the minutes turned into tens of minutes...


Obviously.... I was understandably upset.... so, for the next hour...

Megan Phillips melimsah @wilw WHEATOOOOOOOON!!!!!

(that was a BBT quote)

Megan Phillips melimsah @wilw will perish in flames!
(Ghostbusters quote)

Megan Phillips melimsah @wilw @paulandstorm tell us or we will bludgeon you with ASCII dicks!!!
(reference to paulandstorm's reaction to something Wil said about them at PhxCC)


And after almost forty minutes of NOTHING:

Megan Phillips melimsah @wilw Why don't you just LOSE THE GAME for all I care?! Do you know how painful this is?! #w00tstock #tellus? #please? #now? #kthxbaifuck
(I know Wil plays "The Game," and by George I was determined to make him fail. Also, note the Guild hashtag)

After OVER an hour...

Wil Wheaton wilw Muhahahahaha ... *twirl* *twirl* *shifty eyes*

Paul and Storm paulandstorm [P] [grins] [continues to writhe hands]...

Paul and Storm paulandstorm [P] So, then, @wilw; shall I? Or would you like the honors?

Megan Phillips melimsah @paulandstorm SQUEAK?!?!?!?! *puts hands to mouth in total and complete antici......PATION*

Wil Wheaton wilw *cackle* *evil eyebrow arch* #w00tstock Comicon revelations will begin from me and @paulandstorm in just a few minutes. *fingersteeple*

Megan Phillips melimsah @wilw *FACEDESK!* *muffles obscenities into the woodgrain*

Paul and Storm paulandstorm [P] Time to announce the first round of confirmed guests for #w00tstock SDCC (with my pal @wilw)--ALL-TWITTER EDITION!

And this, is where it really starts getting fun!!

Sandeep Parikh sandeepparikh @wilw @paulandstorm i'm on the edge of my seat!

See? I'm not the only one! Zaboo was all into it too!!! And actually, I know THOUSANDS of people probably were, but I'm getting ahead of myself

They start naming people -- Molly Lewis (@Molly23), Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) and Jason Finn@Jasonfinn, who I'm not familiar with).

And here's what I'm doing while they slowly announce these:
Megan Phillips melimsah *refresh twitter* *refresh* *refresh* *refresh* *refresh* *refresh!* *REFRESH* *REFRESH!!!* #w00tstock #whosgonnabethere?!

After those first twitter mentions, Wil posts:

Wil Wheaton wilw More #w00tstock SDCC guest announcements coming in a moment. Hope at least some of you are currently quivering with antici...

(Rocky Horror Alert!!)

Megan Phillips melimsah @wilw PATION!!!!!!

Megan Phillips melimsah @wilw I'm about ready to fall out of my chair and pass out, I'm feeling so lightheaded as a result of the antici...pation #Imnotevenkidding

Bill Amend billamend @wilw Some of us refuse to succumb to your obvious reply bait. Oh fine...PATION!

Wil Wheaton wilw ...pation. I am delighted to announce that @MattFraction, who was AMAZING in Portland, will be joining us for #w00tstock SDCC. [:leg kick:]

(I have to confess I'm also unfamiliar with Matt)

They finish up calling out Len Peralta (@jawboneradio) and Marian Call (@mariancall).


Now, let me explain why this is awesome to me.

I @replied to them alot. I wasn't expecting any sort of reply nor really that they would read mine, because I'm sure they were getting THOUSANDS of tweets on the matter.


It's like seeing a show live. It's happening - now - and you get to be in on it. You experience the same sort of intimacy that you feel when you're watching a band onstage as opposed to hearing their music on the radio. Your voice, even if it's not individually heard, is heard along with the masses. You cheer, and the band hears you. Maybe every so often, your high-pitched whistle will be recognizable over the roar of like-minded fans. It doesn't matter if they can pinpoint your scream over the roar of others -- it's being able to be a part of that crowd that is so fascinating to me. And I know from experience that these guys DO read their @replies. It's not like sending an email or fan letter and expecting it to be lost, thrown away, deleted as spam, etc. I know they see them. Again, maybe they wont see mine specifically, maybe it will have no effect, but it has an effect en masse with everyone else. I like being a part of the twitter audience.

I would go on to explain the other reasons I love twitter (like, and especially, @jephjacques and the twitter feeds of his webcomic characters), but I'll leave that for another time....

I really want to go to w00tstock. I dunno if Alyssa and I will be able to secure tickets, and if we do, I don't even know if I'll be able to go...

but I want this. I want this REALLY bad.....

wish us luck.

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