Monday, June 14, 2010

Phoenix Comicon: Part 6 -- Photos or it DIDN'T HAPPEN!

So, as is customary with Awesome Things That Happen That Are Unbelievable, I present to you pictures that my friend Tanya posted from Phoenix Comicon 2010, as well as some of my crappy phone pics!

"HOMFG WE'RE AT PHOENIX COMICON!" is our reaction here.

There were many strange costumes.... but these guys were by far the strangest things I saw... pretty unbelievable...

I met the Green Power Ranger! (He needs to lay off the corn chips and mojitos)

Me, after I got offstage after dancing Bad Romance. Sad I can't find any pics/video of the actual happenings.... oh well.

LOOK AT THAT SPREAD AT GEEK PROM!! I mean, come on! Normal proms don't even cater flavor of this magnitude! #RobotChickenStarWarsQuote #AckbarIsATrap #TwitterHashtagsInBloggerLAWL!

Me and Spock dancing it up at Geek Prom! Oh yeah, look at our geeky threads!

A drink at the Hard Rock Cafe!!! 8D

Water at the Hard Rock Cafe!!! 8D (Oh man, was I dehydrated by that point....)


(Crappy phone pics time!)

My favorite part of the WiL's SouR CReAm -- KePp You HaNz oF iT o ElS!

Are you READY to RAID?! ROCK?! (Cuz I was ^_~)

After Rock Band -- the label on my badge that says I played drums in the second band, and you can see my brand spankin' new Wil-Wheaton-gave-it-to-me-himself Rock Band t-shirt! :D

This is the picture I ended up giving to - and signing for - Wil.


And.... of course.... the pieces de resistance.

I MET FELICIA DAY! (and did not smell her hair)

AND I MET WIL FUCKING WHEATON!!! 8D And just look how happy he is with one of his most awesome fans EVER!! He knows I'm awesome.


Oh, and you know how "If there aren't any photos, then it didn't happen." Well, "If there are any videos, then HOLY SHIT IT TOTALLY HAPPENED!!!" Cuz seriously, pshawr, anyone could photoshop a photo. XP

That's. Right. That is me on the drums. And I was the one who had to make Wil sing this song. I'm such a BAMF. xP

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