Saturday, June 19, 2010

w00tstock v2.4?


w00tstock 2.4 is going to San Diego.

I live in Tucson, AZ.

That's a 409 mile drive, approximately six hours if I include stops and don't speed too much (which I guarantee I'm gonna try and be over 80mph as much as I can.... but not much over 80mph, because I'm a grandma like that)

According to the gas calculator I found, gas will be approximately $66.02 roundtrip.

The ticket to w00tstock is $30

I can get a parking permit to a lot not far from the venue in advanced. Price? $5 (amazing for downtown SD during CC, but that's likely because of the distance from the convention center)

If I bring as much food from home as I can (and granted I will probably be way too excited to eat anyways, just like at Phoenix Comicon), that will cut down food costs.

Sleep in the car that night someplace moderately safe (need to figure out where), and drive home the very next day.

Allow some money for food, drinks, and souvenirs -- I'd say $40 at the most for all that.


Subtract the $100 refund I'm getting from San Diego Comic-Con for the 4-day pass I wont be using.

That means it will really only cost me maybe $35 bucks, give or take, to do this.

Initially, I was hoping to do this with my college roommate Alyssa, but she has her make-up school routine ending at 4pm, and getting from Burbank to San Diego in 2.5 hours during rush hour is just not going to happen. When I learned this, I was pretty devastated. And initially, I admitted defeat. My social phobia and fear of downtown parking and the idea of telling my mom about it and worry about a job interfering just made it too overwhelming.

I went to bed feeling terrible.

While lying in bed, I felt this strange kinda tickling presence kinda behind one of my ribs.

And I just kinda decided....

I'm gonna buy a ticket. And I'm going to do my DAMN BLOODY HARDEST to do this. I want to. I want to SO BAD.

And, if it happens, there's a chance there will be autograph sessions.... which means I could not only say hi to Wil, but also meet ADAM SAVAGE, and Molly Lewis and Paul and Storm and oh my god that would be so cool

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