Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So, I suppose I should update :P

So, I've been in Flagstaff for five days.

Five killer awesome days! :D

Friday I drove up, and I got to see both my wife Amber and my wonderboyfriend! ^_^

Saturday, Alyssa arrived. And oh man, she is the most awesome roommate EVER! We are so alike, I can just, yknow, be myself! :) She's messy like I'm messy, she's perverted like I'm perverted, she likes all the same things I like, and dude, we even have inside jokes going. "That was easy!" :P We also leave the door open (which I NEVER did last year), so I've gotten to know some of my neighbors pretty well. :P Specially Thea and Laura, who I knew last year, but yeah. We just randomly will have lets-sit-in-the-middle-of-the-hallway-and-talk times. :D

So, yup. I'm pretty much high on life right now, cuz I'm not, like, stuck in my room twenty-four freaking seven with my stupid thoughts. I get to see people, I get to regularly interact with people. And that makes me happy. ^_^ Although at first, I was kinda overwhelmed, but it's balanced out and now it's perfect.

I'm also totally KICKING ASS on Rock Band! Dude, I feel like a rock star while I play mah drums. Just call me Ringo. :P

Now, what I don't like about being back at NAU this year are my classes >.< Gawd, I don't want to go to class at ALL. EVER. None of them. Okay, well, on Mon/Weds, not so bad, but Tues/Thurs.... blech! I'm DREADING my Psych writing class. We have to do a study in GROUPS! And we have some very "special" people in our class - like this guy who was in my stats class last year who clearly has a learning disability, due to his constant question-asking and taking tests separately from the rest of the class (which you're only allowed to do with special permission), and then this black guy who not only had a weird accent, but he was a hardcore stumbler! He t-t-t-t-t-t-t-talked li-li-like-like th-th-this-this. He was in my small group for the day and the rest of us all looked at one another, trying to figure out what to do or say, because we KNEW he was trying to say something really, really important, but we couldn't understand a fucking word. ...yeah. I'm pretty much dreading that class and can't WAIT for it to be over. God, I hate group work :( OH! And not just that, they were like "Okay, list some things in Psychology you are really, really, REALLY interested in, and find some articles you'd love to read about that has to do with those interests, and turn them in. We'll use these to place you guys into groups!" And I was like, okay, so, crazy lots of "art therapy in depressed adolescents" articles. I'm gonna end up with a "Should the drinking age be lowered to 18" group or something. Blech.

I also crazy hate the altitude. I can't excercise for SHIT up here! Back in T-town, I could do the ellipticals no problem. Now? Oh my gawd, I almost died. :( No wonder I always give up in my PE classes. Cuz I KNOW I'm better than what I end up doing, and it drives me NUTS! Damn altitude. Why does oxygen hate me so much???

Um, well, other than that, not too much to report. I'm going to go back to Peter Piper, mostly cuz I'm too lazy to find a real job. I'm hoping it'll be better this time. So yeah.

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Jaymie said...

Hey Megan! It's your cousin, Jaymie. I really hope you don't mind me reading your blog. I have been for a while, actually. That seems kind of stalkerish, I'm sorry. Anyway, I'm so happy that the people part of NAU is working out this semester! And I'm with ya on the classes sucking major ASS. I have this science methods... BLECH. I can't stand it. Also, keep up with the exercising! You'll build stamina against the dreaded altitude and his side sick, the evil oxygen. And when you come down to Tucson, and need someone to work out with, hit me up!!