Friday, August 01, 2008

Shopping, Dr. Horrible, and more! :D

So, I totally crazy spent like all day with my bestest friend Jessica :D

This post will be about shopping a girly stuff, and I'm sure any boys (*cough*Cory*cough*) who reads this would rather not have to read this, even if I do talk about my butt, so for their convenience...


So, today, I got my paycheck which was wicked huge cuz of all the hours I got this week, so I decided to finally truly splurge a bit on myself. I've wanted a pair of wide-legged trousers, but they tend to be so expensive, so I've been holding out, getting only shirts if I get anything at all.

But lots of awesome end-of-summer sales are happening, so I also got some shirts!

I totally intended to post pictures of all the shirts, courtesy of the fashionbug and lanebryant websites, buuuut fashionbug only has one of the shirts, so screw that. But the shirts I got are SO CUTE! Like, halter top and lacy awesomeness and a cute green button down, oh man. :D Amazing.

But anyways, here are my splurge pants, or as Jessica calls them, the booty pants! (Right, Jessica? :P)

They're very long and need to be hemmed. I need to show my mom and see what she thinks, but yeah. I considered getting one a little closer to my length, but it didn't look very good in the butt area, and these pants made my butt look HOT, so yeah :P The whole reason why I wanted to spend crazy amounts of money on pants was because I am SICK of having these pants which don't fit me right. These fit me right, even if they're a little long - a little long is more easily fixed than not fitting around other areas, so yeah.

I had uber lots of fun shopping, and I wish I could do it more often, but of course, there's that whole "money is required" thing...


In other news, I am TOTALLY CRAZY FREAKING OBSESSED with Dr. Horrible now. I cannot even begin to explain the depths of my love for the 3-Act masterpiece... ooooooooohmigawd... :D

AND THERE'S TOTALLY GONNA BE A FOURTH ACT!! I hope I hope I hope... there's rumors - RUMORS! And kinda sorta confirmation from Joss Whedon. So yeah.


Cory Wiegersma said...

OMG Pants, and OMG Dr Horrible!

It's always nice to have pants that fit, which I know a little bit about, because sometimes, even my pants don't fit.

One day, I'm actually going to work on losing some of my weight so I don't keep having to buy new pants. :P

Also, OMG Dr. Horrible! :)

Megan said...

Better sooner than later if you want to Cory. :S The longer you've got the weight, the harder it is to get it off...

Jessica...holla! said...

Yay for me being mentioned. I love being mentioned and yay for those booty pants. Have you shown them to your mom yet to see if they are hem-able?

Mmmmmm Dr. Horrible's yummy :P

Megan said...

God, I've either been working or sick, so they're actually still sitting in their lane bryant bag.... I'll do that this weekend, I think, since I've got the next two days off.

Jessica said...

Hahahaha oh goodness Megan. But I am sorry you are sick still v.v

But hey, it is enabling you to work on your story so that's a plus haha.