Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Okay, so, another fact you may not know is I'm horribly obsessive. One more fact: I love cartoons, specifically NickToons.

My latest obsession is Avatar the Last Airbender

It is by far THE greatest show I've watched in a long, long time.

It is NOT a "Wannabe Anime" like some non-watchers want to believe. It's style is distinctly still a bit American, but has all that wonderful flava and awesomeness of a really good anime series. They did everything right.

The series is ending soon. At least for the characters and plot that we know now. Series finale is rumored to be the end of July, and new episodes starting in the middle of July (I don't know which is more fact -- stupid internet).

Well, for anyone who HAS been keeping up, like Jaymie, or perhaps Chris or someone, the next two episodes have been LEAKED ONTO THE INTERNET!! WEWT!

check out www.avatarchapters.org to watch! If you haven't been watching, well, here's a summer project for you -- WATCH IT!!! You'll be hooked. I promise.

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