Monday, April 28, 2008

Not-Facebook Blog!

So, I've decided to switch over to using an actual not-Facebook blog. I'll transport them as notes, but they don't seem to show up in news feeds or whatever. At least Cory's don't. (I may change that privacy setting on facebook anyways). So, basically, I wont really be pouring my heart out for people to see all the time. "Watch what you put out there, Megan. People judge you by that," my dad says. So, basically, I'm sure everyone sees me as a whiny complainy little baby, when that's only a fraction of who I am. It's just what I need to release on the internet. It's healthier than any alternatives I have, but it's backfiring because I know it's turning people off. So I'm stopping that. I also feel like, in a real blog like this, I can talk a little more freely about other things. For some reason, I find happy things to be more of a waste of time for people to read in notes. Not in blogs though. So, you'll be seeing a lot more happy from me. Just look at my template! It's happy-snappy!

If anyone is curious, my blog is and you can RSS feed it I think...

Now, because this is a new blog, I feel like I need to establish some facts about me for random people to know about.

Name: Megan
Current Age: 20
Current Schooling: Art Major/Psych Minor, ending my sophomore year
Location: Flagstaff, soon to be Tucson, later to be Flagstaff again
Relationship status: Quite Taken
Favorite Food: Chinese food
Idiosyncrasies: very messy, doodles during class, perfectionistic but clumsy, childish, suffers from poor self-esteem, depression and social phobia, and is incredibly obsessive about things
Personal Quote: I am Hephaestus. I create beautiful things. But what I want more than anything is to be the very things I create.

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