Monday, May 05, 2008

School's (almost) out for Summer! :P Or, how I went to Vegas

This is quite a long-overdue post.


The last inked project wasn't all that frustrating (except for when the block/paper kept moving a quarter of an inch in one direction or another, screwing up margins and causing smears, but I kinda sorta fixed that, or at least made it consistent....), and it turned out really good. That particular evening was enjoyable as well, because right as I finished with printing, Chris, Jasmin and I had sushi, and simultaneously, Cory, Mel and Meaghan showed up with ice cream from 31 cent scoop night! Later, I had thai food with a ton of people from Cory's work. That was... interesting :P The next afternoon I spent working on my embossment print, which I did in an effing HOUR! :D Amaaaazingg! So that was pretty awesome.

And then I decided I needed to take a vacation.


Chris needed to hit Vegas to take her old roommate's tv back to her old roommate's house, but didn't want to go alone. So I decided to take up her offer and go with her. Ooooh man, it was so fun! (And Meaghan was right -- Phoenix is oddly reminiscent of Vegas, just without the casinos and prostitutes) We tried Julie's house first, but no one was home, so we left a note and drove around the strip awhile. Then we got a call and headed back to Julie's, dropped the tv off, and hit the strip for real before heading home. We ate at an expensive Chinese place in the Mandalay Bay hotel (where we parked for free, hells yes). My food was hella spicy and it took me much strength to finish as much as I could, but their pork dumplings were exquisite, and I had some of Chris's coconut ice cream and that fixed the burning. Then we walked down the strip, hit the New York-New York hotel, where I just HAD to ride the roller coaster (OH MAN! SO MUCH FUN!! :D I'm working my way slowly up the roller coaster thrill chain. I want to go to Six Flags soooo badly now). We then walked a looong way to the Bellagio, and saw probably THE most amazing thing I've ever seenthe Bellagio light show. It blew my mind. I swear to God (but cannot find online proof, and sadly, if it's not on wikipedia, it doesn't exist) that the finale of the show had jets of water which shot up faster than the speed of sound, because I saw the fountains already at maximum height (of 250 feet, according to internet) before I heard the shot it caused. After that, we ran into some shops (there's a BUILD-A-BEAR on the strip! :P) and I oggled at the strippers in some of the bars we passed (I fully admit it - they were hot.) It took us forever to get back to the car, and FOREVER to get out of Las Vegas - Chris and I were both horribly tired and cranky by the time we left Mandalay Bay, and we kept going in circles and taking wrong turns and not looking at the map and taking more wrong turns and in the end I kinda had a bit of a meltdown because I knew I had work, and the idea of getting back to Flag at 4:30am was a little too much for me, especially because I really wanted to drive and give poor Chris a break. But despite that meltdown, it was totally the most awesome trip ever. My first interstate roadtrip with people unrelated to me! (And not part of school group, like when I went to Europe).

Tomorrow is my last day at Peter Piper before summer break. I hadn't been enjoying it recently, probably just because I've been so stressed overall, but except for another meltdown I had yesterday when I neglected to get appetizers taken care of when one of our printers went down (soooo many customers got their appetizers a good 15 minutes after their pizzas, and one woman had waited over 40 minutes for an appetizer that takes 3 minutes to cook - but which I screwed up 3 times making. That's when the meltdown happened). Today was just hella fun. I did make table pretty much the whole time, which is a bit different for me, and I did pretty well at it. I only needed help when a couple birthday orders tied me up.

My room worries me, of course. I'm going to work very hard packing it up as soon as possible. I already have a bunch of boxes going, clothes separated into either my plastic dresser (winter stuff), my laundry basket (going home) or a plastic bag (Goodwill), piles of stuff either going home with me or going into my storage locker, etc. I'm leaving Friday, staying as late as possible so it's all gone and cleaned.

Erm, very little else to report. Oh, I suppose I can mention that Cory is amazing, and I'm glad he got his VC251 assignment done. I love him and will miss him, and everyone, very much during the summer. I'll also especially miss Chris for the rest of my life, since she's not coming back next year.

Hope everyone has a watermelon-blasted summer!!! See you all in the fall!

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Cory Wiegersma said...

I'm very glad you had a good vacation, and I'm very very glad you helped me get that assignment started.

I think you'll be able to get the room clean, the biggest thing is just starting to work on it.