Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random Facts About Me

Tee hee, this is fun.

So, I'm clearly procrastinating doing some kind of work or another, plus I'm hyped up on diet coke, so I thought I'd supplement my last post with another post.

15 Long Winded Random Facts About Me Which You May or May Not Know

1) I had 3 eye surgeries throughout my childhood to correct my lazy eye. My eye will wander at times. I will often use this to my advantage to freak people out.
2) I dislike my thighs, but not necessarily because they're as big as whales. It's actually more because of this huge misshapen bulge of a scar on my left thigh I got when I ran into a water spigot after I found out that my orchestra had already gone onstage during a concert, and no one bothered to tell me. (I had been busy drawing Bill Weasley from Harry Potter)
3) At my kindergarten graduation, we had to stand up in front of all our families and friends and announce what we wanted to be when we grew up. I proudly stated I wanted to be an artist. :) Look where I am now.
4) I'm a certified teacher's pet. Okay, that's a lie. There's no certification for that... unless you count the Student of the Quarter certificates I received in High School >.<
5) My dream job, at this point, is to be a camp counselor at my old girl scout camp. Unfortunately, I think I missed out again this year.
6) I know how to play a wide range of musical instruments - viola (7 yrs), steel drums (3 yrs), piano (sporadically self-taught), clarinet (1 yr), and kazoo (naturally gifted :P)
7) I still have my baby blanket. It's so ragged and small now I can wrap it completely up in my fist and you wouldn't know it was there.
8) I love teddy bears and angels!
9) My actual main determining factor for picking the high school I went to was not entirely because of the orchestra program or art endorsements, but because we could eat lunch outside :P 10) When I was 9 I won first place at a swim meet, but got disqualified for not touching the wall correctly at the end.
11) One of the biggest regrets I have in my life was choosing to do computer club instead of sports 7th grade. That's when my health went to hell.
12) I had my portfolio accepted at my second-choice art school (which would now be my first-choice), but never actually applied because my dad complained so much about money, and I would've had to submit an actual slide portfolio to get financial aid, and did not know how to do that at the time.
13) I work at Peter Piper Pizza and still do not have a black hat. I want one so bad. (A black hat signifies you as a "Team Leader," someone who knows how to do pretty much everything a normal Team Member can do, and is certified to teach others. I missed out getting certified because I did not know games or birthdays during decision time. But neither did Angela, until the day before training).
14) For some reason, I find math incredibly enjoyable. Maybe it's because it causes me to use my brain another way. Maybe it's because, unlike art and writing, it's definitive in it's perfection. You find the right answer - bam, done, perfect. When I was younger, I would get to craving school so bad in the summer, that I'd start doing Order of Operations problems while on vacation.
15) I love children so much. Anyone younger than me. I've always gotten along better with my younger cousins. I always got along better with the younger kids in my afterschool daycare class. I always made more friends in the other, younger units at camp than my own unit. It's because they don't judge as much. I feel I can be myself around younger kids much more than around my own friends, even.

So, dunno how much of that you really NEEDED to know. But it's all stuff about me that's good to know. See, I'm not just a depresso emo little facebook girl.

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