Monday, June 30, 2008

Working Out

Not as in "I'm working out my problems." Pshawr, like that'll ever happen (I know, I'm SUCH a drama queen. Adore me! *pouty face* :P j/k)

Nah, I'm TRYING to actually WORK OUT, as in, physical, manual, painful labor solely for the purpose of healthiness.

My mom and the family joined the Tucson JCC (Jewish Community Center, lol!), and I actually rather like their gym. They have everything that the NAU Rec Center has, and then some. (Including seriously wicked old NAKED ladies in the locker room.... *twitch*naked old people!*twitch*) I really like their treadmills, which is one of the things the Rec Center does not have. Well, I kinda liked the treadmills. I was all like "SQUEE! Walking machine!" and pushed all sorts of buttons when I first started, and then as I walked/jogged a bit, I realized just how much I SUCK at jogging/running. Also, I discovered that my shoes are not good running shoes. They're too big. I've had them for like two years plus, and never noticed how big they were. Soooo... my feet hurt. Like they were JUST about to blister.

After I walked and kinda jogged over a mile (over several different sessions, since I was testing out the different machine settings, and switched machines once), I decided to go on the rowing machine, and rowed 2000meters. That was fun....

I hope one day I could do a 5K (3.1miles). That'd be awesome. A great goal....

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