Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Job Update and Summer Plans

So, the past couple days I was having a crisis/panic attack about summer.

I had my job interview with Build-A-Bear, and was a total and complete nervous wreck during the whole thing. I didn't know if I had the job at the end, and found out that I wouldn't know for at least another week and a half, which totally chewed me up inside. I'm probably going to call this weekend to find out...

So with this uncertainty about Build-A-Bear, I was just like, crap, if I don't get a job, this summer will definitely suck, plus my parents were all over me about "Apply anywhere and everywhere! Have some initiative! Blah blah blah!" and it's hard enough with my social phobia to apply to one job, the thought of having to figure out other places, getting applications, turning them in, interviewing, all that, was just a bit of an overload. So on top of that stuff, being stuck at home was already starting to drive me nuts, I just didn't know what to do with myself. I started thinking about Flagstaff and how much I could get accomplished over the summer if I had stayed there - two art classes, Peter Piper, plus I would get to see Cory, who I miss terribly, plus hang out and have fun without my mother or little brother hounding me about stuff.

Well, I had an interview with Toys R Us today, and I appear to have gotten that job so hard that the lady barely asked me any questions. She was like "I need summer people." So it was like I got hired before I got there :P It was a fun interview, full of Legos and talking to the other interviewees, one of whom I really got talkin to, oddly enough, while we were sitting in the break room, watching Curious George while we waited for our one-on-one interview. The job sounds like loads of fun, the people seem nice, and it'll keep me out of the house, so I guess I'm staying down here. If Build-A-Bear wants me, I'll see if I can have BOTH jobs (how cool would that be??). Or maybe I'll apply still to In-N-Out and get that $10 salary they boast about.

But now I've been trying to think up other things to get accomplished down here so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time (Being a perfectionist type A personality really sucks). So, here begins my To-Do List

~ Make money! :) Well, this will happen now.
~ Take an art class at either the The Drawing Studio or Parks & Rec, for fun, for once.
~ Go to open studio at The Drawing Studio
~ Volunteer some at The Drawing Studio's teen program
~ Get CPR certified!! :)
~ Hang out TONS with Jessica and Sarah and peoples!
~ Work out at the JCC twice a week (my family are members of the Jewish Community Center. How weird is that? :P Mom gets a discount cuz she works at the Jewish nursing home in town)
~ Spend time outside with Donald knocking some items off that other list of little kid things I wanna do.
~ Visit Cory at some point :)
~ Do loads of artwork, including finishing this crazy ink drawing I've been working on, and an oil painting of Donald
~ Figure out my plan for grad school (as in, what classes do I need to take when, how soon can I graduate, etc)
~ Eat lots and lots of SUSHI!!! :D
~ Learn to cook some
~ Read some books, including some on financial stuff that I'd like to borrow from Sean....

I have a feeling I'm missin something... ah well :)

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