Sunday, July 27, 2008

Video Blog -- Hair = tehUberAwesome!

You know, cuz Zuko would totally be all over me with this hair. :P Better watch out, Cory. ;) Just kidding, of course. I <3 you!


Jessica said...

Yooooooou're pretty cute! :P

That was a very cute video. I wuv it! And I like the side part...tres chic :P

Cory Wiegersma said...

OMG, it would totally be my luck that Zuko would show up. ;)
OMG! Sidepart!

Megan said...

What'd you say to me jessica?? Tres chic? Are you calling me a slut or something in Francelish??

Jessica said...

Hey hey! "tres chic" is all french thank you very much!

And of course I was calling you a slut :P

If you want, I could call you a whore in Italian :P

Megan said...

Do you seriously know how to say whore in italian?? :P

Jessica said...

Yes, yes I do :P

AND in Spanish ;)

Megan said...

Then do it, bitch! :P Without Google translator, mwahahaha!

Jessica said...

Italian: Putana
Spanish: Puta


Megan said...


Jessica said...


You're so mean, Megan. I don't know why we are friends :P